Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Male Hormones

It happens to men too. No, it is not the long list of changes that women go through, the suffering to the body and mind that takes it toll.

Instead it is of the stealth variety that plagues men. The biggest culprit is the gradual loss of testosterone. It is a big factor in the gradual decline of ones health. Such problems as fatigue, depression, sexual problems are associated with the problem.

Men are loathe to discuss such things amongst their peers. It is one of those things that men do, to suffer in silence, that is the way we are.

Imagine the light inside a car left on and unnoticed. Left on on long enough, the slow drain gradually make the battery unable to turn over.  The problem is magnified over the years when the pounds start to add up, life styles become more sedentary, bad eating habits, lack of exercise and so.

Nope, we don't go through the night sweats and stuff, the hormonal imbalances and stuff. We don't want to go through it either. We can't begin to understand what is happening to you.

But we sufferer in our own way. Quietly. And it's no fun either,

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