Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drug Therapy On TV

A commercial comes on. It is for the latest wonder drug. It can cure this or it can cure that.  A sad looking woman, looking lost, wanting to be happy, enjoy her family once more.
She is depressed or has a breathing problem or weighs too much or something.

Then another voice comes on to let you know that this same woman who is now smiling and hugging people could just as soon die from the very drugs that are used  to save her. The list is long and scary.

The bad things have already happened to some people who were in the test group that was used to get the ok from the FDA for the drug companies to sell and manufacture the newest miracle cure.

But people don't pay attention to the disclaimers. They wander in to the doctors office and want the new wonder drug. They don't know what it is for, but a friend of a friend told them...

A drug for something you think you have.  You have a problem. But you don't know what caused it. Or the drug can cause worse problems.

I am not saying that all drugs are bad, just to be careful out there.

We need you. I need you. We want you to smile again.

Ignore the "as sold on TV" ad.

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