Friday, June 24, 2011

A Father's Day Letter Repost

I think this got lost in the father's day shuffle. A letter from my daughter.


Let me just start by saying that I am beyond blessed for the wonderful family that God has given me. My parents are extremely hardworking, honest, genuine, giving, beautiful people. I am Very proud of the woman they have helped me become. I will be forever grateful for all their efforts. It being Father's day and the fact that my dad enjoys writing, this is for you Daddy.

I have been asked more tan a few times who my role model is/was and why? Without any thought or hesitation, my answer is always "my daddy". So why? My dad is one of my favorite people!

My Dad...
Taught me how to throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, and catch a football. Never missed a violin recital, softball or basketball game or practice. He made sure to call me "nanie" in front of everyone ( when little she couldn't say Dana, came out nanie ) and then buy me a "marlin" slushie ( meaning it was teal in color ).

He made sure I saw the simple beauty of nature by watching the sun come up, even if that meant waking me up at 5 a.m.
He taught me how to tile a floor, paint a wall and plant a flower. He taught me how to ride a bike, tie my shoes, swim and drive a car.

He taught me how to spell by making me look up everything in the dictionary. ( I am not sure if that was for his benefit or mine ).
He defended my intelligence in elementary school by saying I wasn't too stupid to read. I just needed glasses. ( I was too stupid to read ).

He taught me not to gamble. But if I do, how to keep a straight face.
He taught me how to beat "Doom" on the computer And Nintendo!
My dad taught me how to play the drums on the dashboard and not to be afraid to dance and sing in public.

My dad taught me how to give me the last dollar in my pocket to someone in need. That there will be always be someone worse off than me.
My dad has shown me the power of love by offering a helping hand, a compliment, a hug, or even just a smile.
My dad has taught me that even though I was brought up Catholic, that it is important to make my own decisions and follow my own beliefs and what is in my heart.

My dad taught me how to judge someone by their actions. Not by their skin color or ethnicity.
My dad taught me the power of imagination and to keep reading, no matter how old I get.
My dad encourages me to run faster. Work harder. Be stronger. Mentally, physically.

My dad taught me through tough love and how to fend for myself.
My dad taught me to give everything my all.
Then he taught me how to pick myself up when I fall.
He taught me that it is okay that big girls do cry.

So Day. thank you for doing everything from eating my salad creations to building me a strong foundation in life.
Thank you for the fact that you have Never stopped believing in me. In return,I will Never stop believing in you!



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