Monday, April 4, 2011

Pray To The God Of Lost Keys!

Continuing on from my last post. Tired, exhausted.

You know you are having a bad week when......
You lose your car keys
and house keys

They fell off somewhere......searching.....backtrack.....did you look?.......uh huh.....everywhere? about..... Yep......and over.......yes!!!!!

I looked everywhere! I keep my keys on a key ring that hooks on my belt loop, not in my pocket. I know how it happened. It wasn't all the way around the loop and slipped off. But where? I had run a personal errand before lunch. Somewhere in a four hour time span counting in the store, they dropped off. I checked lost and found several times.


Now I needed a ride home. And a ride to work. For the next three days. Why? The truck key has a computer chip that has to be reprogramed and that will cost a lot. I kept hoping to find it. Finally I had the truck towed in and a new key made, two actually, needed a new backup too, which I didn't have before, in case you were wondering.

I thought, heh, it could have been worse, I could of lost my wallet, which I keep right here in this pocket. (patting pocket)

oh oh...
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