Friday, April 29, 2011

Ok, You Caught Me Watching The Royals-Part One

No, it wasn't a planed event on my part. I had dragged my self out of bed and decided to do some baking and cooking before going off to work. The TV was on the Weather Channel and they did a cut-away to the wedding and at that point I decided to join the world wide viewing audience.

I was fortunate that the ceremony was almost over. There was some wonderful shots of the church, quite majestic on it's own. I marveled at the skill and ingenuity that it took to build it. A thing of beauty. If I did visit, I would always be behind the tour trying to figure out how it was constructed, and where was that keystone!

She is very beautiful, and as I have a thing for brown eye, brown hair beauties, she seemed perfect. I hope she can handle the lifestyle. She, being next to him, made him look more handsome. On his own, I am not too sure.

I will write more tomorrow as it has been a very long day. A cold beer seems in order to end the day and the night.


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