Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not My Style

Almost every guy wishes he was the good looking, charming, sweet talking womanizer at one time or another. You know the guy, goes up to and home with any woman he wants. They all it seems succumb to his charms. They seem dazzled and flattered and unable to resist and off to bed they go. That night, they think they are the one.  Really?

 I knew a guy like that. He was all of the above. I talked to him about it one day, how it was to be like that. his thoughts would surprise you,

He was out and about almost every night, him and a few buddies, most of the time on his own, looking for a woman to have sex with. Sometimes they were beautiful and young, sometimes not. It was something he had to have constantly, almost like a drug, a daily habit. But it didn't make him happy.  It left an empty feeling. But he had to have more. Each woman he met was soon forgettable, names and numbers tossed away.
He told me about a woman, she was so beautiful and talented, and he wondered why she was with him, it brought out his self doubts about himself.

I asked if he was always like this. He told me it was a family tradition. His father was the same way, always cheating on his mother all of the time. He was taught by one of the best.

I asked him how he could support such a life style. His mother had a condo nearby and all his expenses were covered by her. His paycheck was used for fun stuff, giving the illusion of financial abundance while working as an hourly right next to me.

He would talk about a bunch of stuff, but as one guy to another, we could see through his BS and laugh him off, he would laugh along with us. But women will see what they want to see and believe. Gullible, yea, I think so.

I guess any guy can be like him, most choose not to. Life is tough enough without feeling that emptiness inside that we all try to avoid.

Can women see through this? Some can, some can't, some don't care if he is like that, and some are like him.
They feel flattered they are the object of his desire even if they are being used.

I haven't seen him in many years but I am sure he is till the same way, habits ingrained in his lifestyle. He is older now, like all of us, but I am sure the routine has not changed.  I think he is eyeing you now ladies, will you succumb to his charms? I am betting you will. You might say no, his track record will say yes.

I am not like that. But it does have it's downside when one is taken for granted or forgotten about. But I am not going to change.

It is not my style.

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