Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Will Be back In Just A Moment.......

Never, ever, forget it's all about the money. The world's best movie, TV show, radio, plays, newspapers. all brought to you to make a buck, a dollar, money, money, money.  Bloggers know all this is free because it is used to make money, gobs of it.

They call it show business. Fill the seats, get them eyeballs, get them to buy. Anything.
And we will.

But there is a catch. The older you get there is less influence on you to buy. You have been down this road before. Different products point to different age groups. But it all ends by the time you reach fifty.

The Mad Men don't want you anymore.  If old people watch a show, they will cancel it. Movies are not made for you. Radio shows don't matter. Newspapers are going away. Passe.

Boomers, your influence is over.

Unless it is stuff for old people.
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