Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So You Think We Can Save The World?

Let's look at reality. The planet has been here for eons, it will be here for eons more.

It is the people that will be extinct over time.  Everything that happens to the planet  will be healed.

Radioactive waste, 1/2 life of a thousand years. Nothing compared to millions of years.

Volcanos,  tsunamis,  earthquakes, all trivial in the sands of time. Rising sea levels, destructive to mankind, not to the planet.

Man now has the power to kill all on the planet and probably will.  One way or another. We will strip mine, oil well, gouge, crunch rip all we can from the air and ground until there is no more. And look for more.
Then one day wonder what happened. We will go away. The planet doesn't care. We will be replaced, by a higher form of intelligent life, like maybe plants and trees.

The cycle will be repeated. The hope of space travel is to colonize other planets and let loose our destructive powers throughout the universe. We will fail.

We search for other intelligent life. Other? We have yet to prove we are intelligent so there is nothing to compare our selves to anyone or anything that might be out there. A somber thought for the day.

The planet will cleanse itself of us. Someday it will die. But in the meantime we will go away first, like unwelcome party guests, we will be shown the door.
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