Monday, March 2, 2009

How to Restore Wall Street ? Add Integrity!

The nation of investors, no, the world of investors no longer trusts the financial markets. It apparent in the flight from Wall Street and the effect of people putting what's left of their money not in their mattresses, but under them.

People were willing to concede the enormous salaries and bonuses because they are the movers and shakers and understood how to build markets and wealth and industry and so on and so on.

No more. The fraud and deception that has been foisted the public has decimated their chance to share in the wealth, live comfortably in retirement and live the dream of doing better than their parents.

Simply put, they don't believe you Mr. Banker, Financial Guy, Elected official, Insurance man. Their trust has been abused and like a cat and a hot stove, they won't want to get close for a long time.

From the movie "Wall Street" the line "Greed is good" is a truism that all will agree makes the world go round. However, there must be some limits for the greater good. Don't think so? Read tomorrow's headlines.
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