Monday, March 9, 2009

Forget the Suffering Nation, Win Baby Win

Cry, complain, take the olive branch that was extended, strike back with it and declare war with little care for a suffering, fearful nation. Don't save the economy, grind it into the ground.

Throw up smoke screens, blame an administration that took over on Jan. 29 for the self-destruction of the markets. Blame the Dems for the breakdown of the regulation of said markets, even though the GOP had total control of everything for 8 years and controlled the congress before that, whew, they must tired.

You can hear them gasping for breath. This had better work before the next election. We have to show them we didn't lose, please elect us one more time.

Just maybe, the plan, the effort will work despite the obstruction attempt. It won't please everyone. It means lots of change. People in power hate change. People who were in power really,really hate change.

If when you were elected to office, you swore to act responsible for your constituents, if you think by letting your voters lose their jobs, lose their homes, then you are acting responsible.

Don't lose, win baby, win !
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