Friday, March 27, 2009

The Demise of the Newspaper

The thump of the morning paper hitting the porch or the sidewalk.

The eager opening, the unwrapping to see what the editors had deemed the important happenings of the day splashed on the front page.

Grabbing the sport section to see what our heroes had done in the big game.

Reading the op-ed page to see what those idiots had to say.

Laugh at the comics, point out the ones that looked like family, poke one in the ribs to say that must be you, have a good laugh.

The travel section, thinking of going where they had gone, see the sights, where do you want to go.

The self help section, how to, what to do, what to do next, talent to do what they love and show you how.

The entertainment section, the stars of stage and screen, TV, behind the scenes, the glitz, the glamour.

The business section, showing the up and downs of the markets, the local retailer, the mom and pops trying to survive and grow, day to day. How do they do it around the world.

The local news, I didn't know that, seemed like a nice guy, too bad for that family, politics in your town, around the world.

Coupons, ads, whats for sale, how much can we save, gotta have it, can we afford it?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to bring you the newspaper each day. They are not going to survive. Maybe it was the TV that did it, maybe the radio, maybe the computer did them in. Instant updates, bits of news thought to be insignificant fill the pages. We need more, more, more. Can't be satisfied.
No more missing west coast scores. Sport updates.

Social networking, what ever happened to, emails replacing hand written letters, thank you cards, Christmas cards. Happy Birthday. Post office might go away. Kids today don't read the newspaper. Grownups not as much as they did. It is not a habit anymore.

What is next?
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