Sunday, March 8, 2009

Will the Lost Jobs Comeback?

One can look at the state of the economy and compare it to a plot of land that you decide to turn into a garden. You dig it up and and plant some seeds, nurture it with water, sunlight, fertilizer, and hope.

You think you know what will grow but results won't be known until the end of the season. All you know for sure is nothing looks the same as when you started.

One thing for sure, things won't be the same. Jobs have always come and gone. New ideas, inventions, products, needs, heck we don't even know what we need as of yet. Change can be painful, and personal.

Where you are in life directly affects how well one can roll with the punches. Age of course, money cushion, time frames all count.

Change for the better takes time. It can leave one battered and bruised. One needs to hang in there and learn from current events.

Learn from history and know past events can happen again.
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