Friday, February 27, 2009

Will Afganastan Become the New Vietnam for the United States?

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The old saw of learning history so you will not repeat it has never been more important than today. A great example is when Napoleon invaded mother Russia and lost when they got bogged down trying to win and lost out to the treacherous winters. Where it was so cold, the starving soldiers would cut flesh from the walking horses and the horses, freezing to death, wouldn't notice. Hundreds of thousands of troops died in a miserable attempt to take Russia. Not to be outdone, the Germans did the same thing with the same results. Do leaders ever learn? Not then and not now. The egos involved always think it will be different this time. Which brings us to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been one of those countries which has been invaded many times over the centuries. Russia was the latest to fall for what appeared to be easy pickings to take them over." Beginning on August 7, 1978 and ending on February 15, 1989. It has been referred as the USA equivalent to the Vietnam War and it worked just as well. "

It is mostly mountains and desert, just not a fun place to be, like California without all the beaches. And we are getting sucked deeper and deeper into a military abyss. This is on top of eight plus years of Iraq.

Countries like this, unfortunately are used to the fighting, tired of it of course, but never the less have been through it for generation after generation. Is this our fate, to chase shadows for years to come, unable to get away from this unquenchable force which threatens our chance of peace and prosperity in our lifetime?

We have trouble winning wars, we do not pick the winning side too often. We waste the lives of brave men and women for what purpose?

The defense of our country should be our mission, helping the weak and less fortunate, and not wandering in the deserts of the world where it will still be the same after we leave.
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