Monday, February 23, 2009

Microsoft to Open Retail Stores!

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This story kind of leaves one breathless. The wiz kids expanding, direct touch with the consumer, cutting edge technology. Wait you say, another story about Apple? Nope, the latest attempt on Microsoft's part to become relevant with the youth of today, the saviest customer out there. Windows is the backbone of computers everywhere, a huge undenialble fact. But they are more like a staple on the dinner table, like bread and butter rather than a delicious mouthwatering desert.

This latest attempt looks like more of a "We better do something and it better be soon, like yesterday!" With few exceptions, like X-Box, Microsoft is not that creative. Why, because big companies are not nimble, not quick. Their very size makes them immobile, lethargic, unwilling to take chances. Many of their new applications are slow, cumbersome and unwieldy. This is a far cry from the heydays of 1995 with the advent of Windows 95, people waiting in line to buy the new operating system.

The hiring of "David Porter, formerly of Wal-Mart(25 years) and lately the head of worldwide product distribution at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. since 2007",is a safe way not to fail. I predict that they will throw money at this latest venture for a few years and close shop, citing unfavorable retail market conditions. Another blip on the retail radar.

They are a one trick pony hoping to stumble upon another winner.

Microsoft, good luck, you will need it.
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