Friday, February 20, 2009

Tiger is Back!

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You may not play golf, you may not like golf, but most people know Tiger Woods. It has been many years since he burst onto the scene and turned the golfing community on its ear. His reknown golfing ability, steely determination, and will to win had not been seen since the likes of Palmer, Nicklaus, Watson, Player, and Trevino roamed the links.

But he is 33 years old now, father of two, business man and the owner of a body that continues to break down. His gritty win last year in the US Open, which he won on one leg was one for the ages. His swing, which has been timed at 130 miles per hour,(weekend golfer swing in the 90's)is his strenghth and weakness, as it puts a lot of strain on his newly repaired knee.

His quest for the majors record of 18, owned by Nicklaus,(Tiger has 14 at this writing) is within range. How much longer he will play, no one knows. A large void will be formed when he leaves the game.

It makes one wonder how one man or woman can have such an impact on the world stage.
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