Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show Photos of War Dead ?

Click on title to go to Palm Beach Post.

For anyone who grew up in the Vietnam War era, one can remember the video on the network news and the photos of the dead and dying of the soldiers and civilians in the local newspapers on an almost daily basis. It took away the heroic perspective of the Hollywood movies and movie stars depiction and showed the reality of the real blood and guts and lives being lost on the battlefield. It was one of the sparks used to start the protest the war by students and all those against it and the destruction of a country halfway around the world. See the article source of this blog.

This was well noted by the Bush administration who sought, under the guise of taking care of the families involved,to keep quiet anything that might inflame public opinion and cause a change in its policy. Pictures are to be considered evidence and could possibly show a side not often viewed. Please go to the following link to see pictures obtained in 2003.

We will continue to watch how the current administration rights the wrongs.
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