Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Were Animal House!

I disavow any knowledge of doing anything like this with the boys, needless to say, this movie  was an inspiration to us all! Ok, yes we did a lot of drinking and stuff, purely medicinal!

I have added the lyrics to Louie Louie because I don't know the words and I know you don't either.


Louie Louie, oh no
Me gotta go
Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
Louie Louie, oh baby
Me gotta go

Fine little girl waits for me
Catch a ship across the sea
Sail that ship about, all alone
Never know if I make it home


Three nights and days I sail the sea
Think of girl, constantly
On that ship, I dream she's there
I smell the rose in her hair.


Okay, let's give it to 'em, right now!


See Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long, me see me love
Take her in my arms again
Tell her I'll never leave again


Let's take it on outa here now
Let's go!!
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