Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Bit Of Chicago....

I was sitting back watching the Dark Knight on TV because I like watching movies with commercials...but I digress...There is a big chase scene, Batman chasing the Joker and it goes below the city streets to another level. It is very exciting. This takes place in Chicago. it is called Lower Wacker Drive. In the early 1900's it was built to allow commercial traffic a place to make deliveries to all the big buildings and businesses in the downtown area. It was also featured in the movie The Blues Brothers. Some upgrades have recently been done.

I have been down there for just that a long time go working with a delivery company. It is cool down there. You avoid most of the heavy traffic congestion on the main street. It is like another world.

Here are some pictures

a view from the river
you can see that what looks like windows shows the lower level of the street.
there are a few small areas that have a third level. 

a long time ago

for more information click on the title. In the article you will see  highlighted  Wacker Drive.
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