Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Like many other people, I have heard of IKEA. People swear by them. Bloggers show off their bookcases. Here in Florida there is a store in Sunrise and farther north in Orlando. Sunrise was the obvious choice, about an hour away, about 60 miles. Today, I had the day off. The adventure begins.

bright blue and yellow.
They love the primary colors.
Hard to miss, ya think?

nice touch, covered parking.

did I mention yellow?

I am into appliances and kitchen cabinets.
I sell appliances for a living.

love the drawers instead of doors.
very user friendly

a new look cooktop for me.

I fell in love with the wall units on offer.

and this one.

and this one

or this one.

our big TV will fit.

nope not this one

brand names I hadn't heard of.

cool hanging stuff 

this is why the sign said grab a cart, you will need one!

and more.

double ovens.

nice slide in range.

It could be yours.

The sign showed 251 sft which had a kitchen, living room. bedroom, and a bathroom.
Pictures couldn't do it justice. Very slick.

Tight on space, no problem. the clothes swing forward.

slides back into place

the door panel slides into place.

I loved the colors and the style of this kitchen.

huge eating area. It will be filling up soon.

warm, bright and inviting

The first floor had all the pots and pans and dishes and paintings and very cool stuff. I had to force myself to leave.

Now I would love to show you all the things that I bought. Nothing this time. I didn't buy a thing. Too many other big bills pending, but I will be back for another adventure. 

Bring lots of money!
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