Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

I swear that this was not done on purpose, but I checked how many posts I had done in 2010


I did this many in 2009.



My junk email box has changed lately.

I have found out 7 people want to date me on Face book.
Not too bad, out of 500 million people. It didn't say if they were women!

My thingy is still too small and needs more performing power.

Everyone still wants my money including, yes, Nigeria.

New to the line up, devotional prayers. They really don't know me well.

Rolex watches, very cheap.

Expect that package delivery.

A new career is awaiting for me.

I use safari for my browser. It has a built in spell checker.

But there are days when it doesn't know what the hell I am writing! Most of the time it works. however,

It does not help me write a coherent sentence or thought however. sigh....

My knee is out to stop me this year. It is on a crusade to keep me on the sidelines. I will not allow it.
But right now, it is winning.

I will try to evolve more as a person, do things, see things, even if it is on my own.

that's all for now!
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