Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Graduation Day!

I don't like to highlight one of my kids accomplishments over another, but I will in this case. One of my daughters, Dana,  graduated this past Saturday from Florida State University with a degree in exercise science from the College of Human Sciences.

To say she was sorely tested over the last 4 plus years would be an understatement. Just as a quick example, she had told me she spent  24 hours straight in the school library to prepare for one of her last finals prior to the graduation ceremony. As anyone who has that very special paper nicely framed hanging up on the wall knows what it took to get there.

But she is not done yet. She has applied to three different schools to continue her education as she wants to get her masters in the same field of study. Her end goal is to open a wellness center of her own.

We had taken off the last four days to allow for travel to the school in Tallahassee, Florida, which is the state capital located in the northwest section of the state. Travel time is about 7 hours on average. We also helped her pack up her stuff to bring back home as she awaits word on what school she will attend and she will need to find related work to start paying off the tuition bills that wait in the wings.

The ceremony was held in the civic center which is used for the basket ball teams and various concerts.

She is down there, but it is more like a game of "Where is Waldo?" 
We did find her.

One of the many processions throughout the morning.


With one of her favorite teachers

where it all happened

showing us around

Yea I did it!!!!!

sharing the moment with friends
from left to right
Bobby Moore Jr., Dana, Lauren Price, Erin Moore
We treated them at Applebee's the night before.

Very tired parents sharing a moment with the new graduate
I am wearing a FSU shirt she gave me!

The second floor apartment she stayed at the final year
oh, so many steps

The rental van, packed to the top with all her stuff, it served us well
Be careful opening the doors!

Not a palm tree in sight in northern Florida
A chilly, rainy Sunday morning.

This adventure is over for now. But as any parent knows, over does not mean over.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our daughters big moment. Her diploma should arrive in early January.

The diploma frame is waiting!

Bye for now.
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