Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Poems

Here are a couple of Christmas poems I did awhile ago. I hope you like them.

Thursday, December 24 2009

A Christmas Thought

the day arrives
long wait over

downside though
felt by many
feeling blue
empty feeling

one day
does not
make a year
happiness squeezed
24 hours

gifts are nice
feelings shared
a kind word
best gift
of all

to be loved
to love someone
all year round
best gift of all

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Shopping

time of year
shopping time
olden days
weather would put
one in the mood
days grow shorter
nights grow longer
had ideas
what to buy
look in wallet
fiances meager

thoughts flittered about
thinking what said
likes and dislikes
many to buy for
what to get

plenty of time
will get to it
shopping at the mall
shuddering at the thought
not man's forte
hunter not gatherer

pressure builds
must get done
how many days
until Christmas

oh my
last day
time gone
time wasted
off to shop
shelves are bare
must buy now
on the run
store to store
one for this one
one for that one
sweating now
clock is ticking
music in background
all a blur
dragging bags
doors close soon
one left to buy for
as see on TV
that will do

that wasn't bad
shopping done
six hours or less
that was fun

wrap the gifts?
oh no!
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