Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Purple People Eaters

Even though I am from Chicago, and have been in Florida since 1988, I still remember old style football played in all kinds of weather. As kids, we did our best to emulate the pros. That meant playing in freezing, ground hard as a rock,  weather. It made me laugh that one of the Minnesota Viking players said the field was too hard and the weather too cold!

If you talk like that and feel like that you will lose. The Vikings lost. It wasn't always that way. A different breed of player back then.

Football teams had colorful nicknames back then. None better then The Purple People Eaters!

Defensive tackle Alan Page

Defensive end Carl Eller

Defensive end Jim Marshall

Defensive Gary Larsen

Another name was 3 dots and a dash, a reference to 3 black players and one white player.

Coach Bud Grant

Coach Bud Grant was a legend with the Vikings. No matter how cold it was, he always wore a baseball cap. 

Memories can be good or bad when one looks back. These go in the good pile! 

Tough guys played back then for the love of the game.
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