Friday, August 13, 2010

Solve Rubik's Cube? 36 Years Later Clueless!

In 1974, a new puzzle hit the market and took the world by storm. Rubiks Cube. Soon two groups of people emerged. The one's that could solve the puzzle, and the rest of us who were clueless. In fact, if I worked out every possible combination that it offered, I think I would still have not figured it out! I knew of someone, struggling to solve it, peeled off the colors on each cube and and re-stuck them in the right order.  And then threw it away! Not me. I couldn't get the colors off.

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In 1981 52 moves were used to solve it.  By 1992, 37 moves were needed.  Now it is down to 20 moves. They call it the God's moves, the most efficient way to solve the puzzle.  And that was with the help of Google's computers and billions of moves over a few weeks time. Fastest time to solve the puzzle, 7.08 seconds.
 My question is why? When you know how to do it, does speed matter? I guess for some it does. The research, published online, ends a 30-year search for the most efficient way to correctly align the 26 colored cubes that make up Erno Rubrik's 1974 invention.

I am still struggling to get it out of the packaging..........
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