Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tell Your Children You Love Them

They are your legacy after all. I had thought writing about this since Christmas. It is wonderful for me to be with all my children at least for a day. Life being what it is, get togethers are few and far between. Children, nah, they are older now but they will always be my kids. They are smart, good looking and bring something of worth to the world. Proud parents we are.

Nicholas, the youngest is now 27.He annoys his sisters that he managed to pass all his math and science courses without ever studying. He is quiet around the house but I know he is a cutup with his friends. He works on his car, complicated stuff by watching a few videos and a bit of reading. I have no clue to where it comes from but he makes it look easy. He has a graphic artist certificate which he needs to put to use, when he gets around to it. I have published some of his work here and on facebook. Wonderful stuff. I enjoyed watching football with him on Christmas, joking, eating and drinking. A great time, wish there was more.

Dana, the younger sister is now 29. A force to be reckoned with. She has her bachelors in exercise science, a master's degree in nutrition and will soon start on her Phd. Someday she will be a professor teaching somewhere. She is a reader, something we share. She has a clear vision of where she wants to go and is not afraid of the journey. We talk a lot and share experiences. She has credited her scholastic success to a few teachers in high school who taught her the basics on how to prepare for higher education and to be ahead of her fellow students. It took awhile to figure out what was right for her, once done, it was pedal to the medal. Her Phd will be a huge challenge but she is up to it!

Kristine the oldest is now 31. She is a communications officer for many years with Palm Beach county or 911 as most would call it. Another smart sibling , she makes a very difficult job look easy, a highly stressful job that most people can't handle which proves itself on a daily basis. Some of the horrific stories she has told happen on a daily basis. She works very long hours but puts that overtime to good use, she has owned her own home for three years and I told her by age 40 she will be a millionaire.! She has goals for the future and can make the changes on the fly. She is very determined and I know she will succeed.

I know this post sounds like bragging and I am. Mom and I have done our best and our expectations continue to be exceeded. How much we have contributed to their success I am not sure but we have tried.  To say we love them all doesn't begin to express how much. We are not the only parents to be so lucky but I am glad we are in the running.

Tell your children you love them

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