Thursday, July 1, 2010

Know Thy Neighbors?

Now that you are older and moved away from home and found a home and a neighborhood in the city that you liked or was convenient for work or school the question comes up. Do you know your neighbors?

When you were little, when you weren't allowed off the block, you knew all the other children around you, house by house. Who you could play with, or couldn't. As time went on, your territory grew larger, learned how to ride a bicycle, walked on your own to school and learned it was a big world out there to explore.

Somehow though when one gets older, you can lose that sense of community, that sense of wonder of the world around us. People and more people become somewhat suffocating in the daily going ons of life.  You are polite to some, tolerant to others, and ignore the rest. Drive home, garage door opens, drive in, close the door and not come out until the next day.

It is not that much different for those who live in an apartment or a condominium.  At least an apartment shows one living apart from others, by name at least.

A house gives refuge, but loneliness too. Some are looking to be apart from others, a small price to pay.

That's me waving at you, saying Hi, just don't get to close.
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