Friday, July 2, 2010

Field of Dreams

Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, transcends baseball its self. Can a place for baseball mean more than the game itself? To be honest, I have not been to that many places to see a ball game, nor care to, but once you have been to the best, why? I have been to the first official played night game, back in 1988. The first night game had been rained out. I have sat in the bleachers as a kid, paying $3.50 for a ticket, which now costs around $35.00!

It is nicknamed the "friendly confines" because of the fan friendly views one has of the field and the game. It is almost always sold out, but it has not always been that way.  When I was growing up, big crowds were a rare thing.  The following pictures show some of the ballpark, but not the feel of the event. For that, you must take in a game.

Kevin Costner, eat your heart out!

The trains and buses stop off at the corner of the ballpark. Because the park was built in 1914, the neighborhood grew up around it, and car parking is at a premium.

The walls are covered with ivy which gives the park a unique greenery look. It looks soft, but real brick walls reside behind the ivy. The scoreboard is hand operated, meaning when the score changes, a large number is inserted by hand, no electronics with this scoreboard.

This view, in the distance, shows the skyline of downtown Chicago. The dark green area in centerfield had the seats removed because it was hard to see the ball being thrown by the pitcher, as most people wear white.
This picture I believe was taken from the upper deck behind home plate.

You have arrived!

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