Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can't Miss A Day

32 days in a row
workout possessed
without fail
change of schedule
split shifts
time to sleep
time for workout
workout wins

can do much more
out of shape
did not happen

many lbs added
did not gain
with a single Cheetos
chip and dip
extra wing
but with
unconscious eating
beer in hand
ice cream in other

start start start
do what you can
everyday everyday
new habit will
change everything

grunt groan
lots of sweat
call on muscles
to stretch not strain
feel the burn
not pain

changes start
weight loss comes
food eating better
when you don't
lie to yourself

eating right
only a start
you knew that
didn't you

pants start drooping
belts last hole
face is thinner
belly pooch
gets smaller
watch is looser

what will I be
60 days from now
smaller fitter
one will hope
we will see!
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