Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Disturbing Dream

What does it mean?

I awoke from a nap the other day, a vivid dream stayed with me.

I was in my parents house and could see outside to the back yard. Through the back door window, I could see lions flying through the air. Looking outside, the lions were trying to get over a very high fence, sometimes getting stuck on the top, getting torn up as they sruggled to get over.

Animals were running everywhere. A cow was running away. I saw a black horse running to the back of the yard , circling, gathering up speed and leaping(I could feel the whoosh as the horse went by) over the fence but landing on the roof of the house next door, safe for the moment, but left me wondering, what was going to happen to the horse next, and then I woke up.

what does it all mean.
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