Monday, March 9, 2015

Maybe, Just maybe let sleeping golf balls lie

My story starts with an overcast day, a little bit of rain and an offer of free golf and beer. After a morning of working at my daughter's house I had a late tee time of 2:06 last Friday.

I was already tired and normally don't play so late in the day because of the heat and darkness factor, but what the heck, exception time.

It was a first time for me at this course and did not know what to expect. I met my friend from work and off we went. For such a late start time the course was full and the race against the clock was not looking good. We added on a third which was not uncommon but in a rare occurrence he was a pain and would not play with him again. But that is a story for another time.

Being that I had not swung a club since mid November of 2014 I was a bit anxious but I hit it nicely
down the center of the fairway and off we went. In fact I was pleased with most of the front nine ball striking and we were having fun.

And then the trouble began on the back nine.

First the rain came, lasted for a couple of holes. But we play golf and rain won't stop us. Then after one swing I felt my left knee give way and knew that it would cause me problems later on and as expected it began to stiffen.

Then a shot of mine rolled down the slope and stopped just on the edge of the water. It was not playable and I was to pick it up, take a penalty stroke and continue on.

And the I saw it. A brand new, pristine golf ball sitting by its self within reach, a new golf ball for the taking. And even though I had stopped fishing for golf balls many years ago, what the heck. And after a few attempts out popped the ball on to dry land and then it happened.

Reaching down to pick it up I felt myself start to lose balance. Sensing the inevitable I tried to at least to try not to get hurt. First the right foot, than the left, both hands in, down to my knees and hands, scraping my left knee in the process. I arose from the water sheepishly and trudged back to my playing partner who was laughing hysterically. Luckily he did not get it on his camera phone. Splish , splosh. We ended our outing soon after, I was no longer in the mood. I left for the day to lick my wounds and to dry out.

The next day on arriving at work, everyone took their turn asking me about my swimming lessons on the golf course. Sigh... All in good fun.

and yes, I did keep the golf ball. Thankfully an alligator did not show up!

coffee time
achy ray

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