Saturday, July 11, 2015

7-11-15 thoughts

I read about a sign in a taxi cab that said "Thank you for not running for president!"

Blogger are tired of writing. It's true.

I am having a going out of business sale on my ideas this year. Meaning, instead of wondering if I have a good idea, let's find out. I am not getting any younger.

If you didn't know, my first provisional patent has been approved. It took me ten months to figure out what I wanted to do and put the idea down on paper. I hope the second one is simpler. It is only a starting point. Now to bring it to market. If successful I realized I need to help people directly and indirectly. A big task.

I got into a discussion on religion with someone at work. Once you take the emotion out of the equation it can be quite boring. He was the expert and yet would run to google to verify what I just said. funny.

Listening to candidates talk shows how narrow minded their thinking is and how small their following is. Hate mongering has its limits.

I hope.

When is the last time you used white-out?

If Rip Van Winkle woke up from a deep sleep after 20 years, would he be surprised that Bush and Clinton are still running for president?

Too many people work too many hours for too little pay.

Why cant the USA be known for the biggest and best education and health care system instead of having the largest military in the world?

We are fighting this century wars with last century ideas.

Sometimes I feel that countries spend most of their time rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Our countries infrastructure is falling apart and yet no one is doing anything to fix any of it. Remember that the next time you drive over that bridge on the way to work.

until next time.

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