Thursday, March 26, 2015

The College scam or how the NCAA makes billions and gets players for free!

Okay, maybe just a billion dollars. The March Madness will pull in about a billion dollars this year and the players get nothing.

Student athletes, right.

Growing up we always wondered how the players had time to study, laughed at basket weaving courses and the like. It has gotten worse.

Now for basketball they have a new once and done where in agreement with the NBA they have to stay in school for one year before moving on. In reality most will not play anymore. They, like Mungo "only pawn in life."

The highest pay goes to the coaches some a million, some ten million while the players live on ramen noodles.

The NCAA gets a nod nod wink wink to it all because schools have hitched their financial success on the almighty sports dollar and the TV money that keeps rolling in to their coffers.

College sports is an addiction that many can not out grow. For others it is a reprieve from the fact that done right a college education will support and nurture you for a lifetime, but man, it's hard work.

Either way the madness is almost done and then it is back to the reality grind.


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