Tuesday, March 31, 2015

People's thoughts on religion leave me dumbfounded

Late Sunday night, I had a last minute sale that took a lot of time to finish up and took me 20 minutes past closing before it was done..

While waiting with the customer, one of the managers said something to another, ( I found out it was goodnight in Arabic) and the customer took offense. Her husband was Muslin and she went off on a tirade about being offensive, out of place and disrespectful and so on.
How offended her son would be if he had heard it.  He might only be offended because they taught him to be offended.
Personally I wanted to close the sale and go home.

It wasn't said to her, the translation was no big deal and she looked like a white New Yorker who was wrapped a little to tight.


To me it was another example of religion being used as a divisive tool against someone else.
And she went on and on and on..

I wanted to walk away. And leave the sale. Unsold.

Don't look to me for sympathy. Don't try to validate your actions with indignation. I am not buying it.
If everyone kept their religious preferences private what a quiet world it would be.

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