Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What if you gave it your all and it wasn't enough?

This last year has been a financial nightmare for me as I stumbled from one profession to another. It was almost like starting up a company with little or no qualifications but a desire (need) to move on from the tried and true that has been practiced over the years to something completely different. What was lacking though was the confidence that I would succeed, the end result was a self fulling prophecy. I failed. After a year that was my end result.

So today I go back to what I have done before, and I will do well at it.  Once again I will be like an actor on a stage playing a part. I will be selling tangible things, appliances, not ideas, not promises. Things that you can touch and see, not visualize or imagine (insurance). Has it all been a waste? Failure has not been for naught as I know how not to do something. It does clear the mind of wondering if I could.

I have learned a tremendous amount over the last year and though it may someday be only trivia, I do have facts and information stored away for future use.

My mind is aswirl in ideas that need to be tried and tested but in a part time way as the bills still need to be paid and the future to be tended to.

What I have found that if you have the courage and desire to work on straight commission that there are opportunities a plenty, after all, most of the cost is covered by you. Finding the right fit is the trick, pay is the treat.

Hope springs eternal. Execution lays the foundation for success.

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