Sunday, September 29, 2013

The big cities are crumbling and there is no where to go

Detroit has filed for bankruptcy and there was a collective shake of the heads. Oh well, that is Detroit, what do you expect!

Except they are not the only ones. Years ago it was New York city, remember? Teetering on the brink of financial insolvency, the federal government ready to step in.  Forgot, didn't you.

I am from Chicago, a city that recently became number one in murder. Don't worry tourists, they are killing each other, not visitors. A ready supply of victims are mostly locals.

The city is broke, the sales tax rate is 10.5%. The state is broke too. Pension funds are tremendously underfunded.

Unemployment is very high, highways are crumbling. People are desperate. For some, gangs are the answer.

Is there a definitive cause for all this? Maybe. People who are in charge are totally out of their element with the huge problems that never seem to end. Like the saying, "we are losing money on each sale but we will make it up in volume!"

Here is the problem, there is no where to run. People are leaving the big cities but where are they going? I don't see the answer anywhere on the horizon.

You don't fix stupid with more stupid.

a morning meager cup of coffee.

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