Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The smartphone has killed the small talk

We all are guilty of this. Walk into your break room, restaurant, lobby, a large group of people can not resist the urge to check their phones before making eye contact or saying hi. Forty people sit down, forty phones come out of hiding. Hoping for something important or better yet something interesting.

A moment of importance, a moment of meaning. That is all we want  and truly hopeful for being wanted if for just a moment.

Some one cares.

Is being anti social the new social? I sat down at a table and two guys were talking about cars they liked but were having troubles with models and I helped them out with some details. I found out that one guy was from Chicago, left because of the cold and snow and a small bond was formed between us. and then we moved on.

Who hasn't seen a group of people texting to each other instead of talking to each other while sitting next to each other?  Talking involves effort and focus and listening to each other. Paying attention!

what, I am sorry, I was texting...


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