Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh no, the internet is out!

The last three days or so we were without internet service. It makes one quickly realize how dependent we have become on day to day doings on line. It can get tense around the home without it.
Bill paying, work reports did not get done, let alone the mindless quests of the trivial minutia that I love.

On Friday I had to change what I had planned to do because I could not do the research I needed and could not print up the reports that were necessary. I did stop by the local library to do a few things, they had plenty of computers at the ready and no lines.
Doing personal business in front of others felt uncomfortable at first but stuff had to get done so what the hell!

Back at home, we survived, barely. Oh there was talk about staging a duel at dawn, but neither one of us could find a second, and rules are rules. And the cost of dueling pistols...sigh

And I couldn't post at will. Well maybe it did save the world from some of my useless 1's and O's but I did miss it. So I am back.

be warned

a very large coffee and tea too!

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