Sunday, October 14, 2012

Change of season

yes, I know, the high temperature  today should be 87, but it won't feel hot. Some clouds out there right now, sort of a grey sky but it is the wind, making it feel cool out.

It is true that at times the heat and humidity can make life unbearable but the fall season does bring relief to many.  In fact I can easily lay around outside doing nothing, feeling the caress of the breeze on my face. But the weekend is for outside house work, the never ending chore that it is.

Soon though, I will be complaining about the cold, yes it does get cold here and wishing for the heat once again. But now it is time to trim the palm trees once again. How many of you out there can say that? lol

Not an exciting or informative post, but then again it is a Sunday, right?

coffee time


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