Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post 200, a small milestone for this blogger!

what have I learned in the short time I have done this? Making money at this would be a fluke. Interesting stories can be found somewhere else. The Internet is insatiable, a powerful mistress that wants more all the time, but isn't sure what it wants.

I wanted to save the world, I wanted to be a voice in politics, the environment, and whatever else popped up into my mind. My opinion counted in a very small way and not enough to make an impact. I saw people making money blogging by selling to other bloggers trying to find the holy grail, $$$$, and coming up short. But I knew I could write. But how, and on what?

Then one day, I took a chance and wrote a poem. Not in the classic style, but the words were good, the feelings came across, and I was told it was good.

That gave me confidence and a new found direction. People started showing up and some left comments, some, poets themselves, and made me feel good. Imagine me, a poet! So much for my macho image!

Once I decide on a subject, the words seem to flow out on their own. But how or why, I haven't a clue, but it works. Some days, I have an endless list to pick from. Other days, what will I write about today?

I have been blessed with nice people stopping by to say hi, some peek in and go on, some stay awhile. I used to have ads , I pulled them. I decided to keep it as clean as possible with a tidbit of information added to the mix.

Some people use this time to pick out a few posts that they liked, but I won't do that, you have done that for me.

I have made new friends, and that has been enough reward for me.

I look forward to post 300 and to look back once again.

Thanks for stopping by. Sniffles....
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