Monday, September 14, 2009

Favorites? What was I thinking?

new computer
browser pages clean
what will I find
that interests me
favorites I open
empty and pristine
time to go searching
what will I find
eagerly start

so many pages
viewed everyday
some rate a glance
never seen again

one catches the eye
interesting it seems
might be useful
I'll go back
again and again

save it it asks
oh yes I think
in a folder
not now
I'll get back
to it I'm sure

time passes now
what is this stuff
why oh why
wonders of it all

did I need
the history of
this and that
50 ways to use
bottle caps

useful aps
so many now
falls off
the screen

click on
each one
are you sure?
quit asking
of course
I mean it this time

next time
don't save
you can find it
only trillions
of pages out there

oh no, what did
I do
I really needed that
cried the raven

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