Friday, September 4, 2009

Of Course, Favorite TV Shows

Since I am in a list mood, how about TV shows? Same guidelines as the movie list, but with TV, it was something that drew you in weekly and looking back, still holds up today. Some shows were trendy, some had a great intro, and some, you wonder why I watched it. Some, I barely remember, so I didn't pick them.
Here we go....

ABC's Wide World of Sports

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

All in the Family

The Avengers


The Bob Newhart Show

The Carol Burnett Show

A Charlie Brown Christmas



Dark Shadows

The Dean Martin Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show


The Ed Sullivan Show

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

Gilligan's Island

Hill Street Blues

I Spy

Late Night with David Letterman (NBC)

Married... With Children

The Mary Tyler Moore Show


The Monkees

Monty Python's Flying Circus


The Odd Couple

The Outer Limits

The Prisoner

Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Rowan and Martins Laugh In

Sanford and Son

Saturday Night Live (early years)

Sesame Street

The Simpsons

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

60 Minutes


SportsCenter (up until 4 or 5 years ago)

Star Trek

St. Elsewhere


The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

The Twilight Zone

What's My Line?

WKRP in Cincinnati

Local Shows when I was young

Romper Room

The Ray Raynor Show

Bozo's Circus ( local Chicago Version)

Garfield Goose and Friends

Johnny Quest

No, I didn't like Captain Kangaroo..

Again, I have noticed, that as I grew older I watched less TV. Life, work, family, and so on took up more time. and so it goes...

more when I think of them..
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