Friday, June 26, 2009

They Die In Three's

why does it seem
famous ones
die in one
two three

knew his abc's
six he started
world renown
moon walk
dance a thriller
what did happen
did they say
bad things done
in never neverland
be like elvis
the doctor say

talented angel
farrah poster
hair style
smile to dazzle
charlie said
get them girls
bosley you drive
time passes
acting better
burning bed
long time
big c
now no more

perfect sidekick
so many years
har har har
almost on cue
johnny is here
tonight after
night pitchman
ed better known
banana the 2nd
alpo and bud
sold them all
did that best
searching for stars
fall on neck
hard times here
time to go

famous they are
watch what they do
part of family
was their time
who is next
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