Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Don't Have Time To Be Tired And Stressed Out!

Sometimes life gets in the way of life. You try to accomplish many things and maybe get nothing done. Add in a lifestyle change of losing some extra pounds, being creative, and a new position at work that I am trying to learn, and you get the idea.

Retail in this case means strange working hours and strange days off from work. There is a constant pull from many directions, from customers, vendors and different parts of management all at once, plus riding herd on a few talented sales people to keep on the course of the expectations of great customer service.

I know that it will all work out for me because I am focused on the end result, but getting everything the way I want and they want and do it without thinking about it will take some time.

It good to stretch once in awhile, and try something out of my comfort range, at least that is what I say now.

And then I have this idea of starting a new blog. Time for a cold beer. Meet you at the 19th hole!
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