Friday, June 26, 2009

Ponzi, Madoff, Stafford, Oh My!

the list grows
lived the style
many wish
they could do
same right now
at what cost
not robin hood
robbed from poor
give to them
king of cons
make believe

know not right
not to care
greed the fuel
sucker born
every minute
get out
before shoe drops
house of cards
must fall
wears no clothes

blind eye
who gets hurt
best intentions
not smart
wise ones fail
brag to others
biggest chumps
they laugh
gullible sheep
flock to slaughter

how why
they do it
know in heart
will fail
in time
prison calls
convince themselves
its ok
biilions born
billions die
their name
in history
no benifit
for mankind
money money
do no harm
forgot golden rule
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