Friday, August 22, 2014

Really, really really early morning thoughts from RJ

Good morning...

Ever wonder why we don't roll off the bed while sleeping? Is the body aware of the edge while we sleep? If we were on a ledge on a side of a mountain would we roll off? Just wondering.

Netflix is popular because it comes through with the promise of what cable was supposed to be, pay a monthly fee and have no commercials.

I am envious of people who have found what their true calling is in life. But do they ever get bored doing what they do?

It is a toss up this morning,what woke me up, having to get up to use the bathroom or my aching knees. Sigh...

After talking about something at work the other day, one of my fellow workers called me a genius. I said "If  I was so smart, why was I working here?" He said "Because you are too honest.."

I watch a lot of documentaries. One thing that I have learned is that people in general don't aim high enough in life with their goals and aspirations. Short changing themselves is oh so common. Guilty.

Is it nurture or nature? Confidence breeds success or success breeds confidence? I don't know. Watch a sport or competition and you will see mostly failure, one who fails the least wins most of the time.

I have yet to ever have to figure out mathematically if two trains are traveling from different directions at different speeds from different distances who will get to point A first? Just get there!

Can anyone still know how to read a map? The folding kind?

Have GPS apps gotten better or we have learned to ignore the mistakes they make?

If you are going somewhere new and strange and are going to get lost please do it in the day time. Lost at night is bad.

People who work on commission are slowly being weeded out as part of the sales process. I am a salesman who works on commission. A bright future ahead! Five to seven more years needed.

I almost never see anyone looking through the racks in the store at the music and video selections.

Tv salesman used to make huge amounts of money, not anymore.

Car companies are scared of the self driving cars of the future. Buying a car is an emotional purchase more so then a functional purchase.

Once one has a truck, going back to a car is painful. That is not going to happen.

Enough for now. Thanks for stopping by.


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