Thursday, August 14, 2014

I didn't really know her, did you?

You know how it is, some neighbors you ignore, some you wave to, some you chat with, some you wish would move. Well this neighbor I would have wave to or say hi in passing. She lived on the other side of the street, alone, in a very nice house, the nicest one in the area. And then it happened.

I had gotten home from work and found out that the police had been at her house, she was found dead, The coroner confirmed suicide, I do not not how. Information came out later that she was in her 70's, had been a teacher, had been divorced for many years, had some sort of retail job to keep herself busy and had lived in that house since the mid 80's.

What made her do it? I don't know

A wave, a friendly hi, doesn't seem like it was enough now was it.

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