Saturday, July 19, 2014

US vs Them

Us vs Them, that is what is comes down to it right?

In many instances it is purely harmless, your favorite team or flavor of ice cream or whose home town is better. But when it comes to politics or religion, oh boy.

I respect any discussion that shows someone has done their homework, differences of opinion, interpretations and so on. But I can tell when someone speaking is just parroting what they heard on the radio, TV, or the local newspaper. The words sound the same. Ask them to explain what they said or their source of information, they get that look. Blank look.

I have found that the older people get the more they seem to blame others on their shortfalls in life. One thing I have noticed is that they embrace the notion of no foreigners please. They forget that everyone that lives here, with some notable exceptions came from somewhere else. I don't get it. It is like it is preordained that no one should like or accept who comes next. We should be honored that people desperately want to live here yet we collectively shun them as a society. Instead of complaining about costs we should get them into the workforce to be productive members of this country.

Politics new definition is the ability to get paid to do nothing and to make others do nothing while at the same time berating them for doing what you are doing. The art of compromise is gone and we have entered into an era of a lack of accomplishment is the vehicle to get elected. Maybe they have realized nobody has read the bills to be voted on and they don't want to be held responsible when things go bad.

The wars on religion has been going on for centuries, people clinging to beliefs they don't understand because that is the way it has always been. I have a different outlook, they are all wrong. It is not that one religion is better then another, they are not. They are all wrong.

Time for a cup of coffee and another work day.


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