Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another fiction story soon to be real!

I read a lot of books in my day, still do.

Back in 1927 Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote this story about brain swapping, putting a brain into a younger body.

On Mars, Paxton is taken in by elderly mad scientist Ras Thavas, the "Master Mind" of the title, who educates him in the ways of Barsoom and bestows on him the Martian name Vad Varo. Ras has perfected techniques of transplanting brains, which he uses to provide rich elderly Martians with youthful new bodies for a profit. Distrustful of his fellow Martians, he trains Paxton as his assistant to perform the same operation on him. But Paxton has fallen in love with Valla Dia, one of Ras' young victims, whose body has been swapped for that of the hag Xaxa, Jeddara (empress) of the city-state of Phundahl. He refuses to operate on Ras until his mentor promises to restore her to her rightful body. A quest for that body ensues, in which Paxton is aided by others of Ras' experimental victims, and in the end he attains the hand of his Valla Dia, who in a happy plot twist turns out to be a princess

Then today I read about this.


It's tempting to dismiss the bold claims of futurists as pie-in-the-sky—or merely empty hope that they won't die. But the promise of immortality is not one taken lightly.

Dmitry Itskov, a 32-year-old Russian tech entrepreneur, is the man behind Global Futures 2045, an international congress that focuses on how to overcome 21st century challenges. At this meeting of the minds, Itskov laid out his plan to learn how to remove the human brain and consciousness and keep it alive in a robot body. And he wants to do it in about 30 years.

It sounds crazy, but Itskov has support from top minds at MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. Maybe in 30 years man and machine won't be so separate after all.

See slide 8

Truth is stranger then fiction!

now for a strange cup of coffee!

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