Sunday, August 11, 2013

from the little mind of RJ, sunday thoughts

Ever notice that Cialis commercials have hot looking women the husbands are lusting after and Viagra has a guy starting a fire with his knife or using horses to pull out a truck out of the mud. why is that?

If you get BBC America, do you notice how much better overall the TV shows are overseas? I think it has always been that way.

When oh when will reality shows stop being produced? And on the housewives shows, the women rarely go in the sunlight because they may melt!

Do we realize that the melt down nuclear reactor is still going on and dumping spent fuel in the ocean for the last 2 1/2 years, that by now, we have all been touched by it?

I have found that if my Tv has 300 channels, I rarely watch more then 20 or so.

Sports used to be about competition and challenges and now it is more about drugs, money and whatever else. I will pass.

The game that still interests me is golf. I watch it when I can but I wish I had more time and money to play.

Changes in a career late in life is such a challenge, you can't imagine, unless you are there with me. I have burned, dismantled, and tossed away all the bridges and left them behind me. I have to succeed.

It is rare that a new movie grips and captures my attention, but with a book, it can happen at any time.

I watch the young men working around me, full of energy. I wonder if they will still have that fire when they are 6o. I hope so.

Watching a son or daughter leave for a new job and adventure is a mixed bag of feelings, wonder and amazement and pride, and a sense of loss and happiness.

Life should be easier as one gets older, after all, haven't we mastered it all? Nope, they keep changing the rules.

We watch others do what they love to do whether it is in sports, TV, movies and so on. wouldn't it be nice if we all have a chance to shine?

Back to studying and a cold beer.

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