Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rock and Roll will never die but alas, it will fade away

I hate to say it, but it will. It will be a very large footnote in history, but in time rock and roll will be but a memory.

Let's face it shall we. The Rolling Stones have been around for over 50 years but their last hit was in the seventies. Paul McCartney is in his 70's. The old time rockers are old or dead and no one has replaced them.

Yes, the music still sounds good. Yes they can still play, they are musicians after all. Yes, they can still hit most of the notes. But they are slowly dying off and so are we. We joke about hearing our songs being played as elevator music. There are no garage bands being formed to replace them. (garage bands are bands that learned how to play using the family garage as their studio)

Times change, tastes change. There is always a void that has to be filled, and fill it someone will. One's music growing up is part of one's memories, that will always be with us. But new great memories are hard to come by and so is music.

Does it still sound good? Yep.
Still playing air guitar in the car? Yep
Air drums? My favorite (used to play drums a bit) Yep.
Sing badly when no one is around? Yep.
Sing the wrong words? Check!

But that is okay with me. This old rocker doesn't mind. Someday they will have to pry the drumsticks from my dead cold hands, but until then...Dazed and confused for so long...

old rocker coffee time

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